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Product: Regal Meal

Use/Desc: Regale Meal is a Chicken bases dog food formulated to provide nutritious diet….

Pack Size: 400g, 4 Kg , 15 Kg

Features: Tested to assure 100% complete and balanced nutrition read more




Product:Regale Pup

Use/Desc:Regale Pup is a Chicken based food optimum growth formula suitable for puppies…

Pack Size: 400g, 4 Kg , 15 Kg

Features:Regale Pup Contains Chicken as the main source of proteinread more




Product:Show Cat

Use/Desc:Every cat deserves to be a Show Cat. Coupling good care & balanced nutrition….

Pack Size: 200gm, 1kg

Features:The texture of the pellets is ideal to ensure that the cat will have healthy teeth and gumsread more




Product:Cuddle Doggie

Use/Desc:A completely balanced diet for your pet is one of the most important steps towards…

Pack Size: 200gm, 1kg

Features:Essential natural fats plus garlic – helpful in promoting good health…read more