Why you should buy German Shepherd from us!

We breed our German Shepherds with the highest ranked, most demanded studs in the world. Our German Shepherd puppies are the top of the line, litterally the best money can buy. They have parents with working titles, top show ratings, breed survey and hips/elbows certifications. All are 100% German and have the highlest level of pedigree obtainable! Additionally our German Shepherds are registered with KCI. We do more than everyone else to make sure our German Shepherds are the best.

We are so adament in providing World Class German Shepherds that we also import young German Shepherd puppies from Germany with pink SV papers from only the top German Shepherd bloodlines. These bloodlines include those of World Champion Parents!

               Family hobby breeding

German Shepherds have been members of our family for decades. We care about ours as if they are our own children! They are all home raised with great temperament and are socialized with other animals and people from day one.

Unlike breeding kennels, we don't breed our German Shepherds by the numbers, rather we breed them for the best quality possible so that they all live long healthy lives.

Living Accommodations

We do not have an outside kennel or anything of the sort. Our puppies and dogs live in our house.



We love our German Shepherds! Here's why you should love them too!

1)  We are not a puppy mill

We raise our puppies as if they are our own children. We love to show them love and affection. We don't commercialize puppy production as many other breeders do. They live in house, not an outside kennel!

2)  Lots of exercise 

Our dogs get regular exercise both in and out of the house. They are never confined to a small space.

3)  Clean Spacious Home

Our German Shepherd puppies are raised in a very clean and spacious nursery with other puppies of all different ages!


What else?

Our German Shepherd puppies are microchipped with an advanced pet identification

Our kennel offers lifetime advice support to puppy buyers.

Our World Class German Shepherd puppies have the highest level of pedigree possible, parents have working titles, breed survey, hips/elbows certifications for many generations down and top show ratings, they are raised in house with family, surrounded by love, not in kennels.