Long Coat German Shepherds

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The long haired German Shepherd is every bit a German Shepherd except for its coat’s length.

With a bushy tail, fluffy mane and luxuriant body size, these dogs make for adorable and handsome pets that are not only great as companions but also have their uses in guarding homes.

Long haired German shepherds have exactly the same built and facial features as a standard short haired German shepherd.

The most prominent way they both differ is in the length of their coat. Other notable differences include a bushier tail and a striking mane that makes them look utterly majestic and exotic.

The long hair gene being recessive in nature, it is quite possible to produce long haired GSD puppies by breeding two German shepherd short hair dogs.

While normal German shepherds have a dual coat, the true long coated German Shepherd begs to differ. It has a single coat only, that appears delicate and shiny as it lacks an undercoat to deal with.

Physical Appearance

Long-coated German shepherds mainly differ from their standard counterparts in terms of appearance.

Another characteristic feature is the fine coat which is comparatively silkier than the short hair German shepherd.

In addition to that, the long-haired breed has bushier tails as well as bouncy fringes on the back of the legs. They have considerable hair growth in between their toes too. To put it simply, the majority of their body is fluffy and bushy.

Long-coated German shepherds are particularly popular due to their long, magnificent mane that frames their face, thereby giving them the royal appearance of the lion or a high breed wolf.

Besides the long hair, every other trait is almost the same as the stock German shepherds. The facial features, the pointed ears, the shape, the body size as well as the nature of skin underneath is more or less the same. Although the shinier hair makes them look elegant and beautiful, it has little use in terms of providing protection from harsh weather and abrasive conditions.

The long hair German Shepherd has medium-sized, brown eyes with an intelligent, lively and self-assured look.

The ears stay erect all the time and often pull back during movement. They are quick to demonstrate emotions by moving their long neck that gets raised during excitement and lowered when running.

Normal German shepherds have a dual-layer coat, which is dense with a thick undercoat

An average long haired German shepherd male dog can grow up to an approximate height of 26 inches(65 cm) and with a weight of about 30-40 kg.

On the other hand, {German Shepherd Puppies} are slightly smaller with an average weight of 23-33 kg and a height of up to 24 inches (60 cm).

Long coated German shepherds do differ from the standard German shepherds in terms of size.

The long coated type is a fluffy German shepherd and a slightly heavier variant with heavier bones and a larger body size during the adult stage.

Needless to say, long-coated German shepherds are very much preferred by dog enthusiasts due to their striking appearance and larger body size.

Personality Traits of The Long Haired German Shepard

Long-coated German shepherd pups are an absolute delight to have around the house. They have an interesting personality which is the perfect balance between seriousness and fun.

Long Haired German Shepherd Temperament

Long-coated German shepherds are both playful and intelligent. They are quick-witted and forever eager to impress their owners by learning dog commands and obeying them when necessary.

Generally speaking, these dogs are fearlessly loyal and brave and demand the constant attention of humans.

While there have been many reports of these dogs being unruly and aggressive, these behavioral issues may be attributed to mishandling and lack of socialization at the puppy stage.

The best characteristics of the long haired German shepherd puppy can develop only when they are given sufficient care, exercise and proper diet.

When left alone for many days without exercise and care, they tend to get rather frustrated and mischievous. In other words, long-coated German shepherds are perfect for families and people who have lots of time to dedicate to their care.


The Importance of Exercising A Long Haired GSD

Regardless of the coat length, German shepherd dogs love exercise. This is simply because they were bred originally to function as active working dogs that required them to expend large amounts of energy outdoors while hunting for cadavers and participating in similar search options.

Best Tools for Long Haired German Shepherd Grooming

Your long-coated German shepherd will benefit from a few grooming tools. Following a proper wash with a canine-grade shampoo, the right combination of brushes and combs can quicken the grooming process for both you and your pet.

The most important tools for grooming are brushes, combs and clippers. However, these are just generic terms and there are specific types of each of them.

Here we discuss a few:

#1 – Brushes
Brushes help to detangle the coat and remove detritus to give it a sparkling clean appearance. With the right brush and comb, you can even substitute bathing with brushing.

#2 – Combs
Combs are the best tool for grooming your GSD on a daily basis. They help remove loose hair, reduce shedding and smooth out the coat. Combs are available in various sizes and styles for different coat types. Choose the widely spaced one for handling the long coat of your GSD.

#3 – Shedding blade
Shedding blade does a great job of removing loose and dead fur. Since it is mainly important as a tool for grooming the undercoat, you can always do without this accessory. With that said, it does reduce excessive shedding and keeps resistant tangles at bay.

#4 – Scissors & Shears
Scissors and small shears are important tools for grooming sensitive areas like the nose or around the eyes. You can use large scissors for coat shaping too, in case you wish to groom your GSD for show purposes. These tools are designed specifically for your pet’s safety.

#5 – Nail clippers
Manual clippers feature an ultra-sharp blade and a canine-safe design. It is best to opt for powered rotary grinders as they file nails quickly, easily and safely. It is also advisable to keep some styptic powder handy in case the quick area gets nicked.